This work is an exploration of identity, isolation, representation, context and transience. Designed to aid us in our daily human endeavors yet antithetical to our most basic human needs, I invent and discover hidden potentials within the discarded. It gives me comfort to mask my comfort through these disparities that are woven into the fabric of the photographs, calling attention to undefined slippery boundaries of displaced intentions and notions of adoration, escape, capture, release, and exploitation. The narrative is a beginning, not an end, for it is more important for the viewer to sense the longing and uncertainty inherent in these intermediate worlds I have created.


4,947,408 possible yaps

Their role in my intention is to be the present in part of human presence, sometimes mysterious, representation, are merely distractions, intention, not only for these psychological distillations, practices of histories of the future, and experiences. More masculine or objects, props and the future, i am interested in reality. Perhaps even aware of transition; to subvert the action can see something amongst the femininity, the forces that we continue to look at the discourse production. Domesticity as a waking dream. Control. For anyone,