I reveal the peculiarities and habits of the individual, and in doing so, address the cultural influence and power or disempowerment encoded within. The images exist in a state of perpetual twilight, faintly working memories like rosary beads inside the cathedral of time which is the skull, they tug me to places I have only visited in the gray. The involvement in this process varies from an active conversation and often loving exchange, to a passive acceptance that echoes the increasingly internalized actuality. In essence, these are images derived from the process of getting lost.


4,947,408 possible yaps

All and question his or scenes i attempt to subvert the illusory reality that may have been perceived and dreams that is to capture the spaces breathe and work appropriates the melancholic essence and a glimpse of time inasmuch as honey golden skin invitng to capture a meditation on domesticity as their unique personality and meaning. Of visual language of sorts of many cultures. Which are carried away by that often with the photographs, i have pressed the seductiveness of subjectification, not give a meditation on our human intimacy, which clues are more crucially,