The images are a connection and disconnection with nature, culture and self, in an attempt to portray a spirit of resilience, a redeeming irony. My subjects are all like tragic fallen angels, eyes opened with animal intelligence, looking out onto an uncertain future, not even aware of how perfectly beautiful they appear to be right now. In a sense, I engage in a modernist critique of technology in a way that was impossible for the doyens of modernism. These make you question who these individuals are as they are traditional in nature but contemporary in setting and appearances.


4,947,408 possible yaps

Identity of the macro changes, to capture the thrilling risk of an artistic research on the complexities and the energetic feedback loops positive and fiction. Of contemplative stillness. Among these psychological distillations, safe again. The hope of personal sufferings, the interconnectedness of forgotten ancestors who i try to how the antiquated and engaging landscape, not as they appear when a glimpse of digital reality and to the visual trope for the random timing and end. And the viewer to explore the bottom, simultaneities and the unnamed emptiness that makes up the